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Tattoo Burst 2010 vs Burst 2001

I received the new January 2010 issue of Tattoo Burst from Ryoichi recently. Prison tattoos have always fascinated me.  There’s a cool report on the exhibit that I did at The Ghetto with Ryoichi and Hattori.

press > Tattoo Burst 2010 > cover
press > Tattoo Burst 2010 > content

Check out the eerily similar profile shot & layout of me in Burst January 2001 featuring me in my underwear in my old apartment back in the prime of my fetish and body performance years. You can see a printed-by-Jerome-in-the-darkroom 11″x14″ print of my pinkie amputation on the bed of nails next to me. The scan to the right features me at my Tokyo vernissage with the same photo.  Pretty wicked

press > Burst January 2001
press > Tattoo Burst, January 2010
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“Retrospective One” was my first solo exhibit held on foreign soil.



"Retrospective One" guestbook

Ako & Mie / owners of The Ghetto Tokyo

[ABOVE] Ako and Mie, the owners of The Ghetto Tokyo

The first 48 hours of landing in Tokyo were expectantly insane.  I had not slept in days and had to balance setting up the exhibit while figuring the logistics of CMWC business with no cell phone or regular internet connection.  There is much I wanted to do that I did not have time to do, like shooting and documenting The Ghetto properly – I’m always inclined to shoot portraits of the people I meet more than the places I visit.  The opening night of my exhibit, I finally had a chance to chill out from the intensity of my arrival.  I thought I could shoot the gallery space before the vernissage.  However, it was not long before people were showing up and I was being introduced to all kinds of special guests… I got distracted from my “work” and only took these two shots of the gallery space.  The photos here represent about 1/4 of the exhibit.

"Retrospective One" exhibit room view #1
"Retrospective One" room view #2

I chatted with old and new friends, Japanese, Korean, European, North American, Australian, tattooed, pieced, freaky, sexy, weird, wild, educated, cultured, curious, adventurous, intelligent, disturbing… a flurry of wonderful people and stories.Throughout all this, I had a drink in one hand and my camera in the other.


[ABOVE] Katayamari, artist and double amputee, with my giant print of Lukas Zpira (circa 2001).

"Retrospective One" opening night / traditional sword maker
"Retrospective One" opening night / 65 year-old traditional sword maker / self-pierced

[ABOVE] 65-year old traditional sword maker, self-pierced.

"Retrospective One" opening night / a toast in honor of the canadian freak/photographer

[ABOVE] Ryoichi Maeda, curator of the exhibit, giving a speech in my honor during the opening party,
while Ako spins tracks in the background.

About 10 hours went by from the moment guests started arriving to when we finally made it back home.  I took a lot of photos, but was more concerned about enjoying the night than “working” at my own party.  Thank you to all the eccentrics and bike messengers that were there for the opening night.  I am grateful for the amazing times we had together and your contributions to my personal and professional adventures.

"Retrospective One" opening night / Mar
"Retrospective One" opening night / Ako

"Retrospective One" opening night / a feast after the opening party
[ABOVE] After a few months of organizing and nights of not sleeping, a well deserved feast with my Tokyo crew.

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Tokyo underground / Takahashi needles
Tokyo underground / Takahashi blood
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Live Windows Magazine


PRESS > Tokyo > Live Windows Magazine

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